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m-audio 44 and cubase 5

Hi, I have a friend ask me to help him.
He has m-audio 44 and cubase 5 installed.
The problem is that inside cubase 5 there is no sound on playing the music recorded. Outside cubase if he play the music the sound is on.

Before the computer had windows xp with 2gb of ram, and after some months, the audio inside the program stop to work; now there is windows 7 sp1 x64 with 8gb of ram, because the pc was poor of ram.

The software Cubase is the version 5.1+update to 5.12

I tried to help him and I see that under VST setup audio it's set to M-Audio Asio driver, but there is no sound.

Could someone help me to understand where I can fix the problem.
I need to download the asioforall?

Thanks to everybody
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  • Hello Carlo,

    Thanks for posting!

    With Cubase, there's an extra step after selecting the ASIO driver in the Device Setup.

    Go to the VST Connections menu. You'll need to add new inputs and outputs and assign them to the inputs/outputs of the M-Audio ASIO ports. Otherwise, although Cubase will know you've selected the Delta 44, it does not know to assign them to your tracks in a project.

    Let me know if this helps!
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