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M-Audio Air 192/6 Impedance question

I recently bought the M-Audio 192/6 audio interface, and am about to buy some proper headphones.
I discovered that there is very little information as for which Impedance levels are supported.
Being able to place a ticket and support question seems not to be easy either, as a support code is needed, something I never have received or seen even though I have registered my product.

So, I am asking if anybody could help me answer whether the Hifiman HE-500 will work fine with the interface or not.
The specs are as following:

HE-500 Over-the-Ear Headphones.
Driver: Planar Magnetic.
Sensitivity: 87 dB.
MFR: 15 Hz – 50 kHz.
Nominal Impedance: 38 Ohms.

I am also considering som Beyerdynamics DT 1770 as well having 250 Ohm, though a sensitivity higher than 100 db.
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