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I’m frustrated

M audio m track 2x2 not connecting

I'm having an issue aswell Iv had the 2x2 since the release in the U.K. And it's been working fine but Iv just got home and now my laptop can't recognise and connect to it, i have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the correct driver and still nothing when in preferences in maschine I go on to audio asio and click m audio 2x2 but I can't hear any sound
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting.

    What operating system is this?

    In the picture you have above, you only ever have ASIO4All assigned as your device. Does Maschine ever even allow you to assign the M-Track as your i/o device?

    What about assigning the M-Track as your default playback device? Are you able to get any playback from the system after doing this?

    Does the device appear in your playback preferences or device manager?
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