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M-Audio M-Track Plus MK2 NOT compatible with Windows 10 (more inside)

This is a long post and my aim is to get M-Audio to aknowledge that their drivers for Windows 10 NEED fixing and updating...

So I've had my M-Track Plus Mk2 now for around 6 months and have 'put up' with having to reset the sample rate every few hours when it stops working and the occasional BSODs due to the awful drivers. I have tried to work with M-Audio on the issue and so far I've been told...

* It's my RAM (it wasn't, I ran memtest86 over night and tried different RAM)
* It's Microsoft's fault due to their bad audio drivers and to contact Microsoft to get fixed drivers - As you can guess they don't have 'fixed' drivers and assured me that it's M-Audio's responsibility to make drivers that work with Windows.
* It's my USB port(s). I've tried the ones in the front, the ones on my screen, my USB hub, all 16 of the ones on my motherboard and a well known PCI-E USB hub. I also have a friend with a different motherboard and an M-Track and he has the same problems.
* It's my motherboard (see above).
* It's my friends motherboard (when I told them I tried a different computer).
* It's the speakers, then quickly changed to 'it's the USB cable' when I told them I'm using a pair of M-Audio BX8 D2's. I've tried 6 different cables of varying length and quality - It's not the cable.
* It's your audio software - Spotify, Chome (Youtube), various games and ProTools all exhibit the same issues.

Then finally, someone got it right and said "It's the audio backend windows uses and our drivers don't always play nice." and that "they'll look into getting them updated" - This was last year!

What has happened since then is almost all of the major UK resellers (Scan, Overclockers are the ones I know but I know others have followed suite) have either stopped selling this completely due to the high volume of returns or are marking this as not compatible with Windows.

Please fix the damn drivers as it is a great bit of kit otherwise.
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