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M-Audio Mobile Pre Freezing during recording.


I have been experiencing a problem that has been driving me crazy.

I have a Fasttrack Pro and a M-Audio Mobile Pre (USB) that I use to record rehersals of my band, using two mics connected to it. (I never used both devices together, only one at a time).

The FastTrackPro has a weird behavior about the time. It usually records in about 1.25x faster (or slower, since the music notes gets tuned up like 3 seminotes). Ok, but that is not what really concerns me.

What really bugs me is what happens with the Mobile Pre. I already tried many DAWs, and the last one is really well rated: Reaper. But the behavior is pretty much the same: It "freezes" and returns to record in about 5 to 10 seconds later. It stops showing the frequency graphics on the screen like if it was just playing an empty track, then it comes back from where it stopped, and goes on.

I already reinstalled the OS, and tested it yesterday. Same behavior.

Have you ever been through this kind of issue?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting!

    As you may be aware, M-Audio was recently acquired by inMusic brands. The following products were not included with this acquisition, and will be marketed, sold, supported and serviced by Avid moving forward:

    • Fast Track USB
    • Fast Track
    • Fast Track Pro
    • Fast Track Ultra
    • Fast Track Ultra 8R
    • Fast Track C400
    • Fast Track C600
    • Mobilepre USB
    • Mobilepre

    For starters, try reinstalling the drivers. Here is a link to Avid's driver download page:

    Beyond that, it would be best to contact Avid for further support on the MobilePre or FastTrack. Here are the Avid contacts:

    United States

    End-user support


    End-user support
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