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I’m frustrated

m audio mtrack 2x2 asio fail flstudio

al utlizar la m-track 2x2 con fl estudio al cambiar de sonido o agregar un efecto se silencia y no reproduce nada solo vuelve a sonar cuando cambio aotro controladory lo vuelvo a seleccionar, utilizo m track2x2 asio !!!!???? respondan mucha gente se pregunta lo mismo no son compatibles con el daw?
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  • Hey Mateo,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! I have seen some M-Track users have difficulty with FL when selecting the M-Track's driver. The only solution for this I am currently aware of is what you have described - select a different driver then switch back to the M-Track's driver.

    When you select the M-Track's driver in FL's audio preferences menu, try enabling "Mix in buffer switch".

    Try that and let me know how it works out!
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