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M Audio Mtrack 2x2M Hardware not Found

My Mtrack 2x2M says it is connected properly to my computer, but it says its Not Streaming... However I have all of the latest drivers, and my connections are fine. I tried using my STL Tones amp Sims and the software is saying also that my Hardware cannot be found. Im not sure why my computer is reading that my Mtrack is ready to go but now my plugins arent working with it. Ive been very upset with this product because I get it working, and then it stops working, then it works again. Can anyone help me? M Audio support never reaches out to me period whenever i have an issue. Hoping someone here will.
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  • Hey Zach,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Can you provide me with a little more information so that I can assist:

    • What OS is your computer running?

    • Which version of the M-Track driver did you install?

    • Have you tested the interface with different USB cables and ports on your computer?

    • Can you select the M-Track as a Recording/Playback device from your system sound settings?

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