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M-AUDIO Oxygen 49 (3rd Gen) Your Feedback/Opinions Wanted!!

Hi Guys, I am doing a report/review on the M-Audio Oxygen 49 (3rd generation), which is a research assignment for college and in this report/review I am required to use primary and secondary research sources. So, I figured it would be a good idea to post on here and get some feedback/opinions from you guys on here who have used and have some experience with the M-Audio Oxygen 49. I will use the opinions/feedback you guys give as my primary research for my report.

Below I've put the questions I want you guys to SPECIFICALLY answer. (ANSWER: Only if you've used the M-Audio Oxygen 49 keyboard before) (NOTE: I NEED AT LEAST 3-4 RESPONSES FROM YOU GUYS)

- Did you find the assignable knobs to be useful or not when it came to the production of your music?

- Did you find it comfortable to use the modulation and pitch bend wheels?

- How did it feel to use the keys on this keyboard?

- Are there any functions that you think this keyboard is missing?

Thanks. E-X.
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