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M-Audio Oxygen 49 Wrong Display Values

Hello, i have recently bought this M-Audio Oxygen midicontroller, and it has been great, but a single thing has been bothering me... Whenever i use my sliders for volume control in FL Studio, when in the program is says 100% volume, on the slider it will give a value of 102. I am unsure wether this can be changed, though i can say i would really like to be able to see the right values on the display itself. Can this be customised, and if so how?
Thanks in advance!
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  • Hey Jarno van Tuil,

    Thanks for posting!

    The fader range can be customized from the hardware itself. To do this:

    1. Press the Edit button.
    2. Press the Select button or Control Select (Ctrl Sel) key.
    3. Select the fader.
    4. Press the Control Assign (Ctrl Asgn) key.
    5. Type 7 using the number keys. This assigns MIDI CC number 7 (Volume) to the fader.
    6. Press the Data 2 key.
    7. Type 0 using the number keys.
    8. Press the Data 3 key.
    9. Type 100 using the number keys.
    10. Press the Enter key.

    It is important to know that the faders range from values 0-127, 127 being equivalent to 100%. If you want the display to not show a number over 100, then you can change the maximum value using the procedure above.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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