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M-Audio Oxygen49 random keys sustain indefinitely with other random notes played with it that I don't press

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this. My M-Audio OXYGEN49 Midi Keyboard has a couple of keys that, when I press one of them alone and then let go of my finger right after, that key triggers surrounding notes/keys to play. Additionally, these notes that are triggered sustain indefinitely, even if I have no sustain pedal plugged in and I let go of the key that I pressed. I think I asked this question before, but couldn't find the answer that someone gave me, although if I remember correctly that person said that it might be my USB cable connection from my MIDI to my laptop that causes this issue, but I do not believe that is the case. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I have a macOS Mojave 10.14.5
2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor
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  • Eliza (Official Rep) January 03, 2020 18:53
    Hey M.C. Victor,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble! This sounds like there may be an internal issue with the main board. I suggest testing the unit with MIDI monitor software. A MIDI monitor will show you all the incoming data from any MIDI controllers or MIDI interfaces that you have connected to your computer.

    For testing MIDI devices on PC:
    Download MIDI-OX

    This video will get you set up quickly for MIDI input monitoring in MIDI-OX:
    Monitoring MIDI Input with MIDI-OX

    For testing MIDI devices on Mac:
    Download snoize: MIDI Monitor

    Select the Oxygen as a MIDI input source in the monitor and send some data with its keys and controllers. When playing one key at a time, do you see additional Note On data appearing in the monitor? Also, when you release the key does a MIDI Note Off message appear?

    Try this and let me know how it goes!
    • Thank you for the help, Eliza. After downloading the MIDI Monitor on my Mac, there are in fact a handful of keys that when played individually they activate additional notes that I never intended to play. To answer your second question, yes, when I release keys on my MIDI a Note Off message appears.

      Does this mean that there is an internal issue with the main board of my keyboard. :/

    • Eliza (Official Rep) January 06, 2020 21:21
      Hey M.C. Victor,

      Thanks for your reply! This sounds like there is an internal issue with the main board. I recommend reaching out to the support team for further information. Warranty and non-warranty claims cannot be handled here on the forum but I can point you in the right direction! Here are a couple of options that you could choose from:

      • Submit a Warranty or Service Inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging onto the M-Audio Support Page. Select Warranty or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu. This will not require a support code.


      • For faster support, call or email your nearest Support Office or International Distributor. Select your country to find the nearest office.

      Make sure to reference or link to this thread to help out the support team.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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