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M-Audio Profire 2626 - Firmware update interrupted around 80% now no audio signal.

I've had the M-Audio Profire 2626 for around 2 years with no problems and its been a great interface!

Weirdly, 2 years after owning the device, one day I restarted my PC only to find the Firmware started auto installing on the Profire 2626. it was taking some time so when it got to about 40% i went out for lunch. i came back and the updater was no longer on the screen.

I hoped that the firmware had completed however i believe that it may have been interrupted while i was out.

I have tried rebooting windows, reinstalling the drivers, attempted an install onto a different PC etc. i have been able to get the device to come back up in device manager and the M-Audio control panel opens however there is no audio signal from any application. All the audio applications including the control panel lock up briefly when media attempts to play.

Is there any application that can be downloaded from M-Audio that forces are reflash or reinstall of the firmware??.. re installing the drivers doesn't start the upgrade.(unless there is something im doing wrong here?, any installer switches, /f etc)

Because of this, this week Ive had to record a vocalist at 48k on an older Maudio Fasttrack.. its OK but i am going to arrange another session to record at 96k on the Profire. can someone help me get it going again?
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