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M-Audio Studiophile DSM3: No analog signal, LED repeatedly fading light blue when powering up

Recently, one of my Studiophile DSM3 monitors stopped working properly: When I power it up, the LED fades to a light blue - over and over again. It's not flashing, but more like repeating the initial fade-in over and over again. With the other, working speaker, the LED does the same once, then switches to a darker blue (analog signal).

I get a signal on the right (working) speaker, but no signal on the left one, it just keeps fading the LED. If I switch to digital input, the LED goes yellow, like intended. As soon as I switch back to analog input, the LED fades / pulses light blue again.

However, if I keep turning it on and off again, switching inputs wildly or assigning different channels (mono / right), the LED turns blue after a while. This can sometimes take only a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes. The same applies sometimes if I simply ignore it for a while, but not always.

Even after the LED turned blue, there is still no signal - until I re-assign the channels from Left to Mono / right and back to left. The speaker then works until I turn off the power - I once used it for two days without powering it off without any problems.

Things I tried to fix this:
- Different audio interface
- Different XLR cable
- Different power cable

.. nothing helped. To me, this looks clearly like an issue with the speaker (DSP?) itself, not with my interface or the cables, as this pulsing / fading light-blue LED makes no sense - and is not even mentioned in the manual.

I still have 6 months of warranty left (had 3 years), but I desperately need my monitors at the moment to finish a soundtrack, so.. any ideas how I can fix this? Is it a known problem?
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