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M- studio Studio Phile bx5a

Hey guys! I have a M audio studiophile bx5 a speaker and wanted to buy a second one but I couldn’t find exactly the same one online (Thr Uk) but found one very similar - M audio bx5 d2. Will it work a second speaker? Thank you
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  • Hey Anna,

    Thanks for posting!

    The BX5a is an older model speaker which has ultimately been replaced by newer iterations. The latest 5" M-Audio speakers is currently the BX5 D3. The BX speakers all share the same types of inputs so you can use a mix-matched pair with the D2.

    The frequency response of the speakers may be a bit different and as the newer versions were released, the quality of audio has improved but you can still use the older speaker with a newer one. Use the volume dial on the backs of the speakers to adjust their output to be the same level and control the overall output via your audio interface's level control.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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