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I’m frustrated

M-track 2x2 doesn't show in device manager or playback devices, after installing the right driver

Hello, I've just got my new M-track 2x2 and i have installed the latest driver (1.0.12.) on your support site.
It installed just fine but when i connect the m-track it doesn't appear in playback devices, also I've looked into device manager and it doesn't appear to be there either..
It appears to be showing in FL studio but when i put at as default it says "status -disabled" and a error pops up saying "Not enough ASIO output channel available. At least 2 channels are needed".
The weird thing is that i have the m-aduio control panel and it says Hardware not connected and not streaming...
I've tried changing the usb slots as well as the usb cabel itself still no use.
Tried it on a friends pc running win 10, still the same problem as me using win 8.1 (x64)
Please help i don't know what to do anymore..
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