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M-Track 2x2 not working / hardware not connected

Hey all,

Today I purchased a M-Track 2x2.
I downloaded the (correct) drivers for windows 10 64 bit and then plugged in the device. I hear a short pop through the speakers and the blue LED lights up. However, windows itself doesn't recognize the device. It won't show up in the device manager, or anywhere on my pc, in general. I also tried installing the device on another pc with windows 7 (64bit) AND I tried my laptop with windows 10 (64bit) but i can't get it to work.

Anyone has any idea of what the problem might be?

thanks in advance!
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    Hey Gerhard. Glad to hear that you got your recording working at the end and also glad that it works for you now after so much troubleshooting. :)
    Let's hope and cross fingers that hardware companies do their jobs right and produce products, which are tested and fit for purpose, AND that they take customer support seriously. I also faced lots of cases, where a good customer service managed to gain me back as a loyal customer after I reported a frustrating issue.
    Take care too and have a great weekend.
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