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I’m frustrated

M-Track 2x2 Speaker Output Very Quiet

I connected the speakers from my Harbinger M60 PA to the monitor outputs on the back of my M-Track 2x2 C-Series to see if they would work. I have never tried connecting any other speakers to my interface.

When I connected them, the first thing I thought was that they weren't making any sound. But after closer listening, I realized they were producing sound; but it was so quiet that the sound of my air conditioner was drowning it out. That shouldn't happen.

My drivers are fully up to date. The mix knob is all the way on "Direct" (I'm trying it with the instrument-in at the moment), the main volume is all the way up, and no headphones are plugged in. To get an audible level of volume I have to turn everything ALL the way up. As you may expect, it clips severely and doesn't even increase the volume substantially.

When I used headphones, it worked perfectly fine. Any suggestions?
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  • Hey Steven,

    Thanks for posting!

    I checked out the speakers you're using and it looks like they might be passive speakers without internal amplifiers. Are you using an amp with your speakers? If you are connecting the M-Track's outputs to passive speakers, the only amplification will be coming from the M-Track itself so you would probably get a pretty low output. Would it be possible to connect your M-Track to an amp and use these Harbinger speakers or try a set of active powered speakers?

    Let me know!
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