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M-Track 2x2 Vocal Studio Pro - how do I connect to iPhone 8 to use as audio input for iPhone video recording

I need to make a "high quality" video for a music audition (cello). The audio Is more important than the video, so I want to record the video on my iphone8 but have the audio come through the mic and m-audio adapter I have in the "M-Track 2x2 Vocal Studio Pro" kit I recently received as a gift.

How do I connect the mic with the wires in the kit and what other wires do I need to buy? What settings do I need to have?

I'm a low tech person and get lost with all the cables and interfaces, but do love making music, so a low tech explanation would be helpful!
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  • Hey B,

    Thanks for posting!

    In order to connect your M-Track to an iOS device, I would recommend using an official Apple branded Camera Connection Kit adapter. The M-Track can be sufficiently powered via USB but if you receive a message indicating that too much power is being drawn, a powered USB hub should resolve that issue by providing power to the devices that are connected to the iOS device rather than the device itself providing power. Once you've got the means for the right connection, you should be able to send audio to your recording application from the M-Track.

    I hope that helps you!
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