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I’m confused

M-Track 2x2 Windows 10 crashin and almost freezing games

Hi community and dear music-friends,

first of all a good start in the new year since it is still january :)

I have a huge problem with the m-track 2x2 running on windows 10 - 64 bit when i start playing games like Battlefield 4 or company of heroes 2. Its crashing, lagging very heavy and mostly freezes my whole PC.

The very funny thing: during gaming after I unplug the m-track everything is working like charme and I have no issues at all!

Its only when playing games AND the m-track plugged in. producing music causes no problems.

i've also changed the samplerate in windows settings.

I hope someone can help me. It would be a shame to not enjoy the sound/music in games with my speakers connected to this beautiful audio interface.

My specs:

Windows 10 pro 64 bit (latest updates)
Amd fx 8350
2* 8gb crucial ballistix 1600 MHz
PSU corsair 550 W
Nvidia GTX 770 from MSI
Mobo Asus M5A97 r 2.0

Monitors cerwin vega xd 5

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