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M-Track 2x2m - noise and squeaking sounds in the headphone output

Hi, I encountered a strange issue with my M-Track 2x2m . I have some noise or squeaking sounds in the headphone output - it's not extra loud and it's constantly over there, whatever the headphone volume is.
- It ́s getting stronger when I work with the mouse - when it's active, The mouse is wire/wireless. Tested both connections, the same result.
- But. When I disconnect the monitors (M-Audio BX5) from M-Track, the noise will disappear in the headphones.
- Also. There is no noise or squeaking sounds in the monitors. Only in headphone output and the monitors must be connected to M-Track.
- And now. M-Track connected on the laptop (with the same driver). No noise, squeaking sounds, nothing. Common connection of headphones and monitors and no problem. Engaging the same mouse, work with the mouse, no problem.
- Both (ntb, pc) - Win 10 Pro (64bit), based on Intel, USB 3.
Any idea, what ́s wrong? Thanks. Martin
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