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I’m confused

M-track 2X2M problem with connection

My M- track 2X2M has a lot of problem of installation. Sometimes it works immediatly and sometimes the computer dosn't found it and if iìI re-install the driver for my windows 10 there is again the same problem. so basically my pc dosn't recognize the m-track 2X2M ... some one can help me?
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  • Hey Tommaso,

    Thanks for posting!

    Are you receiving any system error messages when this happens? Can you trigger this behavior? If so does it happen consistently or is it random? When the interface is recognized by the computer, how does it appear in your Device Manager (you can find the M-Track 2X2M under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers)?

    Have you tested the connection between your computer and the interface with a different USB cable and with different USB ports? I would also recommend trying to replicate this behavior with a different computer. Testing with different connections and a different computer will help us isolate the issue you're having.

    Let me know!
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