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M-Track 8X4M standalone mode


I was wondering if the new M-Track 8X4M audio interface can operate in standalone mode? Can you direct monitor the output without being connected to a computer?

I would love to use it as a mixer when I'm not recording, just to have at least one stereo input hard panned L/R and the others as mono. Is this possible?

Thank you.
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  • Hey Ko Pas,

    Thanks for posting!

    The M-Track 8X4M can receive and send your direct signal without the need for a computer but you will lose some routing functionality without using a DAW. Turning the Direct/USB knob on the M-Track toward Direct will give you the direct signal coming from you input sources (microphones, instruments, etc.) which can be globally set to mono or stereo monitoring with the Direct Monitor button. With that in mind, the signal you hear will either be stereo or mono but not both simultaneously. Without a computer, all audio will be sent to the main monitor mix - you would need to set up a separate mix in your DAW to use two individual mixes.

    I hope that helps!
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