M-Track Audio Device Monitor failed to start


I have Windows 10 on my pc (64-bit).
The product i bought is this one:


It was working until a few week ago.
Today I started the M-Audio interface and it reported and error about an "unfound dll", so I unistalled the program and reinstalled it. But while it was installing, it reported an error that says:"M-Track Audio Device Monitor failed...".

The drivers I downloaded for the install process are these:


I followed this process:
- Uninstall the driver
- Download and open CCleaner
- Click Registry
- Click Scan for Issues
- Wait
- Fix Select Issues
- Click Yes to create a ‘backup’
- Click Save
- Click Fix All Selected Issues
- Run Steps 3-9 two or three more times until there are no issues found.
- This should have cleared out unnecessary files that may have been causing any conflicts.
- Reboot your computer
- Reinstall the driver

but it still doesn't work.
How can i fix It?

Thanks for Your help!
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