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M-Track & Blue yeti at the same time?

Is it possible to combine input signals from the M-audio M-track II with a Blue yeti USB microphone using ASIO drivers?

The situation is as follows:

I have a M-audio M-track II (Audio interface), a M-audio Keystation 49 and a Blue yeti USB microphone connected to 3 different USB slots.

The keystation and the audio interface work fine together. Now, is it possible to make the blue yeti work at the same time as my audio interface? I would like to record my Guitar through the M-track, and vocals through my USB microphone at the same time. Would I have to someday purchase a XLR condenser microphone?

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  • Hello Gert,

    Thanks for posting. Good question!

    Generally, the answer is no. Multiple Windows audio drivers or ASIO drivers cannot be shared by a Windows program at the same time.

    There are 3rd party ASIO drivers, called ASIO4ALL, that have some ways to "stack" multiple audio devices. However, if you can get it to work to begin with, it will likely be unstable. The digital converters of the Yeti have no work to synchronize with those of the M-Track II. Often the result is pops/clicks/distortion, or one of the two interfaces just drops out altogether (in my experience).

    It's a little bit more reliable on Macs using the built-in "Aggregate Devices" feature, but the same digital synchronization issue is possible.

    Hope this helps!
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