M Track Eight audio stops working

I've just finished building a new machine for a studio and installed the M Track Eight on it (everything is new, details of hardware spec below), on Windows 7 x64. Running Cubase 8.0.20. The problem that's happening is that the audio from the M-Track is stopping completely after about 10 minutes of use or so:

The computer appears to think everything is fine - the M Track control panel says "streaming".

The audio stops completely - both input and output are silent

Cubase's meters stop working completely - no audio is registering whatsoever here (other functions such as a USB MIDI controller work fine, and time passes "correctly" in Cubase - it's not frozen)

To get audio back, I have found that putting the unit into Standby (until Cubase says the device has been removed) and then powering it back up works - then normal service is resumed without issue.

I am using the ASIO driver, there are no other drivers (such as ASIO4ALL) installed. Clean installation of everything on software and hardware that I've not had issues with before. It's not a specific project that has problems, anything (including a new project with a single audio track) will have the issue.

Switching drivers (to Cubase's built-in ASIO Multimedia driver) and back to the M_Track doesn't solve the issue.

System is a PC built on a GA-97ZP-D3, with an i7 4790K, 16GB of RAM, SSD and audio drives, PSU with plenty of power (Be Quiet 680W).

Are there any particular settings that are needed?
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