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m-track hub

i see the m-audio m-track hub is no longer available from musicians friend, guitar center, etc. Has it been replaced by a similiar product? I want to use it so my son can use 2 usb mics at same time for his podcast.
  • Hey Donnie,

    Thanks for posting!

    The M-Track Hub can be found at other online music equipment dealers. Try performing an internet search for 'M-Audio M-Track Hub' and you'll find some results.

    Since you mentioned the mics you are using, USB microphones typically use their own driver and depending on the software you're using, you may need to find a way to combine the two drivers in order to receive both mics' inputs.

    An aggregate audio device on Mac would help you do this. If you are using a Windows OS, there is software you can use to combine audio sources such as VoiceMeeter. Just something to consider!
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