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M-Track Mono Input


I have a M-Track interface and I'm having an issue with mono signal.

I need the signal to be mono directly through the interface, not just the phones.

The device driver and the Device Audio Quality(Windows) don't let me choose the mono option, there's always 2 channel, blah blah blah.

How can I set the signal to mono and run it on the Device Audio Quality?

Excuse my bad english and thanks!
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  • Hi Gustavo,

    Thanks for posting!

    if you are only using one source, i.e. one microphone, in one input, this is mono and can be recorded as mono as long as you create and use a mono track in your DAW.

    If you record to a stereo track, your software will automatically assign input 1 to the left and input 2 to the right in order to fulfill the stereo requirement. This means if you are actually only using one source, the signal is going to be pushed to the right or left.

    While monitoring directly from the M-track, the M-track will sum both inputs 1 and 2 to a single mono signal to make it easier to monitor while recording. If you just need to monitor the incoming signal and not record, than you should turn the Monitor Mix knob all the way to the left (Direct) and turn off any software monitoring. The mono signal in your headphones should also be sent out to your speaker outputs.

    Now, if you're not doing any of this and you need a mono signal for a software like Skype, than you're likely running into limitations set by the software. As an example, Skype will only support the native Windows drivers and by default Windows will not allow you to select a mono input or output like your DAW, only the stereo input 1/2. The solution to this is to use a virtual routing software to step in and allow you to choose a single input.

    I hope this helps! The solution definitely depends on what you're trying to do so if you have any more questions, let me know what you're trying to do first!
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