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I’m frustrated

M-Track (original) not working in Cubase 10


I have just bought the original M-Track 2nd hand to use on my travels and I cannot get it working within Cubase 10 or Ableton Live.

I have d/l'd the latest drivers from the website and done everything I have read on these forums.
The device simply will not work within the STUDIO SET-UP of Cubase 10.

It reports "No Hardware Found or Already in use"...but there is nothing else running at all.
I cannot fathom what I have to do to get it to work in my DAW.

Also of note, I cannot get the 'M-AUDIO M-TRACK Device Setting' to work at all; which I have read might be a way to solve my issue.

Everything else works perfectly fine with my DAW's and other hardware, such as my ROLI Seaboard.

The M-Track is installed correctly (as far as I am aware), is registering input from my guitar (line-in) but it won't work as an ASIO in any DAW.

Please help!!!


Running: Cubase 10 Artist on a Win 10 64 Bit custom audio laptop
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  • Hey Ben,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Let's first verify that the M-Track driver is installed. Open Add or Remove Programs from the Startup menu. Scroll through the available programs. Do you see the M-Track driver listed? If not, reinstall the driver from the following page:

    M-TRack Driver v1.0.6 (PC)

    Once the driver is successfully installed, connect the M-Track to your computer. Right-click on the Startup menu and select Device Manager. Drop down the Sound, Video and Game Controllers menu. Do you see the M-Track listed as a device?

    If not, keep the Device Manager window open and reconnect the interface to a different USB port on your computer. Test with a different USB cable as well. Is a connection established?

    Try this and let me know how it goes!
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