M-Track Plus No guitar signal

Greetings everybody. I am having the following problem:
I've recently bought a brand new M-Track Plus, with the idea of setting up a humble home studio in my house. The thing is that when I installed it, everything seemed to be working just fine, except for when I tried plugging my guitar.
When plugging it directly to the "guitar/line input" it worked OK, but whenever I try connecting it via my POD HD 500 I get no sound, and I don't understand the reason.
I believe I have all my inputs right: USB to the PC, Monitors on the back, the guitar in the "Guitar In" from my POD, and my POD directly to the "Insert" (where all effects hardware is supposed to go). I've also intented connecting the POD with an S/PDI cable to the back of the M-Track Plus, but I get the same result. Just to make sure I also tried this same thing, but with my guitar connected to the "Guitar/line Input" in the M-Audio, but obviously this didn't work.
Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know a solution to this? Please help, I'm feeling quite desperate by now.
Kind regards from Argentina
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