M Track Quad clicking, no playback

I've had my M-Track Quad for several years and it has always worked with both my iMac (2013) and my older MacBook Pro (2010?).

I recently updated my OS to El Capitan on the laptop and now when I turn on the interface it just clicks through the outputs. This occurs whether or not I'm using it for anything, and regardless of whether I'm running my recording software. The machine recognizes the device, but it doesn't seem to work; all I get are clicks at maybe 140bpm? When I try to play a project through it I get nothing through the headphones or the monitors.

I'm not sure if the update was the source of the problem, but the imac works fine running Yosemite, and the laptop worked fine several months ago. I only use it when I need to mix or record remotely, so I don't know if something else might have caused it between the last time I used it for this purpose.

If you have any insights into this problem let me know. Thanks

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