I’m frustrated!

M-Audio 1814 digital noise on input

I have an intermittent (but very frequent) problem with my M-Audio Firewire 1814 Analog inputs. When I try to use the analog inputs on my 1814 they sometimes work but then will just break into horrible digital noise. Once this has happened I usually have restart the 1814 or often my computer in order to get it working. It hardly works at all now so the inputs are unusable. I've recorded a sample of the noise here: http://soundcloud.com/user4960487/bro...

This other thread seems to describe a very similar issue: http://forums.m-audio.com/showthread....

Please help me fix this, or I'm going to have to buy a new interface.

I'm using the latest drivers:
panel: 1.4.3
driver 1.10.2
build: 01.10.003
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