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M-TRACK annoying output sound

Bought an M-Track and installed it on my Toshiba Satellite running Windows 8. I can record either voice and guitar but as soon as I want to listen back to my recordings there's an annoying sound coming out of the earplugs. I've tried put on or off ASIO4ALL, uninstalling Windows 1.0.6 drivers and nothing seems to work. I've plug my earplugs straight in the computer jack and TADAM! No more annoying sound. It looks like static sound in the high pitch and in low bass. Very disapointed to hear this! It doesn't seem to be from the abbleton live 9 I use neither from Ignite which I've tried because it does exactly the same if I use the M-Track to listen to Youtube music video and CD in my computer DVD player. I even got to the store I bought my first m-track and got it exchanged for the same reason. Now it seems like my set-up is wrong but I can't figure where I've done wrong!
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