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M Track Plus Recording Issue

I have a problem with my Mtrack Plus. I connected it. Got the mic plugged in. My beat is pumping over the AV 40's as well as my headphone, but when I want to record a vocal track there is nothing. I do not know if I setup my I/O correctly because PT did it automatically. Music plays in PT over monitors but no input signal. I tried it in Cubase which I use frquently before I got the equipment and it worked perfectly with the Mtrack, but when upgrading to the the M Track Plus currently it does not get any input signal. I checked windows sound device setup, when I talk over the mic, no input signal. I only see a signal on Mtrack Plus. So frustrating. What can be the problem? I did install the driver as well. I suspect it has something to do with windows. Any help please???
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