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Mapping Code 49 midi buttons key commands in Logic Pro X?

Every time I map the 9 midi buttons as key commands in logic, and later reopen the same session or an old session it forgets all my commands.
Is there a way to make Logic and my Code 49 remember the commands I set up without redoing the programming every single time like a template or do I suck it up and deal with it?
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  • Hey Kadeem,

    Thanks for posting!

    There are no preferences for Logic stored on the Code itself so Logic should be remembering the preferences you are setting. Have you changed the preset on the Code so that it is sending different data than what was sent when your originally mapped the controls? Aside from that I can't really think of a reason Logic wouldn't retain these preferences.

    You may want to try and move the Logic .plist file out of its directory (not necessarily delete this file, as it stores all your preferences for Logic - I would recommend moving it to somewhere easy to find like your desktop. You can always move it back into its original directory). When you launch Logic and Logic detects that this file is missing, it will automatically generate a new one. Try setting up the Code again in Key Commands, quit Logic, and see if the symptom persists when you relaunch Logic. If that does not yield any change, I would recommend reaching out to Apple for software support. To get to this file, navigate to the following directory:

    ~ Library (to get here, select Go in Finder and hold the Option key on your Mac's keyboard. Library is hidden by default but will appear when you hold this key) > Preferences. Search this directory for

    I understand that you are mapping specific controls to the buttons and not setting up transport but for your reference, here is the setup guide for the Code series in Logic Pro X:

    M-Audio Code Series - Setup in Logic Pro X

    I hope this helps you!
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