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MAudio M-Track 2x2 cutting out every now and then for 0.5 sec aprox.


I bought 2x2 today, did all what says in instructions like installing right driver etc.
So when i'm producing in my daw the sound just cut of for like 0.5 sec really short time but it happens a lot sometimes and its annoying. I noticed the same problem outside the daw too but way more less then in daw (using fl studio btw). I installed correct driver, tried 3.0 and 2.0 usb ports, set my power saving for usb to disable, in daw im using higher buffer so cpu shouldnt be a problem and so on.

Any suggestions?
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  • Hey Antonio,

    Thanks for posting!

    It sounds like the higher buffer might actually be what is causing the issue. A general guideline for your audio buffer setting is to use the lowest possible setting to avoid latency but high enough so that you do not experience audio artifacts like crackling and popping in your signal. Try adjusting the buffer setting in increments to find the optimal setting for your configuration. Once you find the best setting for tracking, you can use this while you're recording. When you finish when you are mixing and playing back audio, you can turn your buffer back up.

    Try that out and let me know how it goes!
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