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MIDISport 4x4 (Anniversary Edition) - Excessive Jitter in a non-standard rig

Right off I'll warn you: I have a non-standard rig.

MIDISport 4x4, using the Class Compliant options, is plugged into a BomeBox. Pyramid sequencer [IN] on MIDISport, [OUT] to Elektron Octatrack measuring jitter.

Testing using no MIDI Translators or any Note On/Off or CC data; just checking the Tempo Sync.

I'm getting variations of 3-8BPM when using both a (different) In and Out on the MIDISport. If I switch to BomeBox DIN or use a Roland UM-ONE MkII, I get significantly less jitter. However, that configuration doesn't work ultimately in my rig since I need multiple ins/outs on the BomeBox.

I'm in conversation with Bome on the issue, but there is significant jitter when using an [IN] on the MIDISport.

Anyone else run into major jitter issues and find a solution that is not software based? (VST, DAW, etc)
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