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Midisport 8x8/s Remote control software for Windows - Where is it? - Download link please

As per the title of the message
Can someone at M-Audio please supply a link to download this software please.
The very same question seems to have been asked only a year ago.. but the link suppled is long dead.
Please supply a fresh download link ... How about adding the installers (win / mac os etc) to the PERMANENT file download section of your support site along side the USB driver files etc...
Would result in less hassle ..
Has to be the version that is for Win 7 and newer (64 bit).
I Look forward to the link..
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  • After some investigation, is seems that the USB driver install that is linked to in this thread, is MISSING the all important control panel to configure the midi ports on the 8x8/s?

    Whilst installing the USB drivers and they seem to work ok on Win 10 64 bit
    It seems the 'Remote control panel' .exe is NOT being installed... Thus it seems to be missing from the installer.

    When performing a search for the program the M-Audio support staff is referring to in the linked post, it is nowhere to be found on my pc ... Indeed when reading the 'readme.txt' file that is stored after install, the Program needed is NOT even mentioned anywhere!!?

    It seems to be a stand-alone .exe program called:

    MIDIsport 8x8 Remote Panel.exe

    Can someone PLEASE provide a link to download this file.
    And ALSO FIX the driver installer so that is INCLUDES the program again, as it seems it should be included in the first place.

    I look forward to your speedy solution.
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  • Hey Mr-Scorpio,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry about that! Looks like the link went down - here is a working link:

    M-Audio MIDISPORT 8x8 - Patchbay

    I'll see if I can get this installer added to the software page.

    Hope that helps!
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  • Hi Nick,
    Many thanks for replying. And thank you for supplying the link - The download worked. :-), Also sorry it's taken me until the weekend to reply back.

    Well, i've had partial success.. Insofar that whilst the 8x8/s is being recognised by win 10 as a usb device, after installing the Remote Control Software, (in Windows 7 compatibility mode), which seems to show it running just fine... Upon starting it up, it is NOT seeing the 8x8/s device.. despite it showing up as correctly installed in device manager. - I realise that this is probably a compatibility issue with Win 10 as some level.

    So i dragged out of storage a beat up old laptop that has Win XP 32bit on it... I managed to get both appropriate USB drivers working, and, upon installing the Remote control program .. it DOES detect the 8x8/s, and is 'seems' to allow the sending of custom routings to the 8x8/s.. However is there a way to tell is actually did?

    As i've matched up the In & outs, with my other patch bay (AMT8), which DOES work as a stand alone 8x8 splitter and merger ... But the 8x8/s is still jamming itself up.

    Might you be able to offer some advice/ assistance in configuring the 8x8/s so that it operates how it need... This being..:

    1) In Midi mode... I need all the 8 ins & 8 outs to split (thru) & merge the ins & out of my midi instruments ( 1 'in' is mapped to 1 'out', and so on up to 8), so that the IN & OUT on the front of the 8x8/s send & receive midi data correctly to & from my Hardware DAW (Roland MV-8800) ... So that when a midi track set to a particular channel, only sends data to a particular instrument that is set to that channel (with its 'local' set to 'off') - This IS how the emagic AMT8 is currently working.

    2) What the AMT8 is not doing is working over USB (on a windows pc) .. Thus i want the M-Audio 8x8/s to 'replace' fully the AMT8 ,as its USB driver have been updated to work on a modern OS (Win 10)..
    BUT.. It needs to work in such a way that when i use it in USB mode, i need to be able to run a synth editor on my PC .. (Miniak editor for example).. Whereby the Midi data is sent down the USB, but then transfers onward via the relevant selected physical midi port to the target synth that is plugged into it.... Again the AMT8 'can' do this, and have seen this via a macbook (Apple 'did' update the USB drivers on Mac, but not PC.). But i want it the 8x8/s fully working onwith permanent Studio windows 10 pc.

    Can you help?
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  • Hello Nick and Mr-Scorpio, I think that I am now having similar problems locating the "MIDIsport 8x8 Remote Panel.exe" software. Software to run on a Windows XP machine would be great.

    Thank you if you can help!

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