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Midisport uno on GarageBand troubleshooting

I have a m audio Midisport uno and I have been using it since 07 with GarageBand. I moved this weekend and now after everything is set up I can't work on music anymore. GarageBand recognizes the midi is connected. A message pops up that indicates it and when I go into the GarageBand preferences it shows that I am connected, but there is no sound going to GarageBand. The USB light on the Midisport UNO is blinking green. I needs some help so I can get back to work. My Yamaha is my midi and I have been using it for years. Please someone help me.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting

    What instruments in GarageBand are you playing? Where is your sound coming from?

    The MIDISPORT itself will not carry sound from the Yamaha. You'll need separate audio connections into your computer from the Yamaha to capture its sound, instead of just its MIDI.

    I'll need more details about your setup to help. How have you connected the Yamaha? (from what connections on the Yamaha to what connections on the MIDISPORT, etc...).
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