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Mtrack 2X2 panning issue

When i disconnect the M-audio 2x2m and only use generic driver with the headphones connected straight into the laptop the problem is gone.

all channels on the DAW mixer has the same problem when connected to the M audio interface. (I only have the M audio interface so I have not tried other) . If I pan over Center towards L the sound stays the same level. When I pan Right it works as a volume fader...

kinda frustrating.
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  • Hey Diptamoi,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! What are you using as an output device - headphones connected to the headphone output or monitors connected to the main outputs? Are you using any adapters to connect your audio output device?

    What software are you using? Are both the audio signals coming from your DAW and the playback from your computer's system audio affected?
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