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MTrack 2x2 sample-rate pitch problem

I've been having pitch issues with my M-Track 2x2 since I purchased it a few months ago. I'm running the most recent drivers for the device. I've noticed that the 2x2 can drastically pitch my voice down on Discord depending on the sample rate. I've NEVER had this problem on older Maudio hardware like the Mobile Pre Mk2. Matching the driver's sample rate tool to windows seems to get the pitch "close enough" but when I'm listening to audio from two sources--say, the headphones of my Oculus Rift and the monitors plugged into the Mtrack--the Mtrack is shifting the audio to be sharper than the source (a game in this case).
This makes me lose confidence in the accuracy of recording with this device or continuing to use it for online communication which is the bulk of its use. For audiophile listening, I bypass the Mtrack completely because of this issue.
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  • Hey Shayan,

    Thanks for posting!

    As you mentioned, the sample rate at which the M-Track is playing audio and the sample rate to which the audio that's being played is set will have an effect on the pitch of the audio. I would always recommend matching the sample rate of the audio being played to the sample rate that is applied to the M-Track.

    Outside of gaming applications, have you used the M-Track to record any audio into your DAW? Have you experienced any variance in the pitch of the audio that's played back after recording when the sample rates of the hardware and software match? Let me know!
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