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I’m annoyed

My Code 49 keyboard plays drums on the piano keys and piano keys on the drum pads.

Since i got the Code 49, it has been doing well. I would go to Logic Pro and click on the library, select a drum kit, and drums, snares, cymbals, etc. would play on the drum pad. But recently, my keyboard isn't functioning as it should be. The drums start playing in the first couple of piano keys along with cymbals and kicks in the other piano keys. When I try hitting the drum pads, the first drum pad doesn't do anything, and the others that i hit i hear high piano notes, and it goes higher by the drum pad number. Any help?
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  • Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for posting!

    It sounds like your MIDI channels might have gotten mixed up so now the pads are sending MIDI data to the piano instrument's MIDI channel and the keys are sending MIDI data to the drum instrument's MIDI channel.

    To get things working correctly again, make sure the pads are sending MIDI on the same channel as your drum instrument and that the keys are sending MIDI on the same channel as your piano instrument. In order to trigger the drums with the pads, make sure the pad are sending the right MIDI notes that will trigger the drum instrument you're using.

    This might be solved as simply as pushing the Code's Channel button under the display and using the up/down arrow buttons to select the channel. On the other hand, the Code might be already set up properly and you might have changed the channel in Logic instead. Whatever the case is, if you match the MIDI channels of the instruments and pads/keys, the instruments will trigger correctly.

    I hope that helps!
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