I’m Frustrated

My laptop blue screens when my M-Track 2x2 is plugged in.

I've been trying to fix this for days now.

I tried calling M-Audio support multiple times, but nobody had any answers or solutions for me.

My laptop is a G75VW Asus Gaming Laptop.

When i plug in my M-Track 2x2, my pc blue screens, but not right away. It seems to blue screen randomly, but it does like to blue screen whenever i try to play any audio or open up FL Studio.

When it blue screens i get the 0x000000B8 error.

I updated the m-track's drivers to the latest, and ive tried many more possible fixes to no avail. Please help!

I have two KRK Rokit 6's hooked up to the M-Track if that is useful information.

Thanks in advance.
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