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My M-Audio Code 61 detected but not usable

My M-Audio is Detected by my computer correctly, but every time i plug it on my computer there is another device detected that not recognized by the computer. The problem is that i can't use my keyboard because the firmway does not recognized it.
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  • Hey Andy,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that your'e having trouble. The Code is class compliant and will operate off of your computer's core MIDI drivers. Since it is detected under Sound, Video and Game Controllers it should appear the same in your DAW, unless your PC is attempting to assign a different driver to the hardware.

    When you open your DAW's MIDI preferences, are you able to select the Code or does it appear as a generic USB device?
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    • Hey Andy,

      Thanks for the information! From your description it sounds like the issue is more related to FL studio. If your DAW is freezing then usually your system is struggling to provide enough processing power to the application. This can happen if you use multiple programs at the same time or is your internal disk is approaching capacity. If you use FL Studio without the Code connected, does the software still freeze/crash?
    • If i use the DAW without the keyboard it's working fine. The only moment i saw my DAW freezing is when my Keyboard stop working. I can give you some new details, to make sure the devices detected with my Code 61 can't interact with my keyboard, I blocked it in my device manager, but when the keyboard used to work for a minute(approximately), it does'nt work at all.
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