I’m frustrated

My M-Audio recognizes the microphone but won't record

I have this:
- Microphone Audio Technica AT2020.
- Headphones Beyerdynamic.
- M-Audio M-Track Plus
- Software Ignite
- Software Pro Tools

Everything is connected as you can see in the picture.

I've connected the mic to the M-Audio and the I make sound the leds of the M-Audio turn on, so its recognizing the sound.

But in the computer I don't get any signal.
I've already set Input and Output using M-Audio

I've already set ProTools and Ignite



But when I try to record I don't get ANY signal...
In IGNITE: The countdown just keep counting but I can't start the record because I don't get any signal.

In PROTOOLS the level bar tells me I'm not geting signal, so even if I record I don't get ANY sound.

But it doesn't recognizes so I can't record anything.

Help please I'm very frustrated..!!
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  • I’m happy like in pharrell's song
    Finally the solution.

    Monitor mix must be set to "USB"

    Input switch must be set as "Analog"

    Here is the full M-Audio set buttons and switchs for Mic recording.

    Hope can help anybody who has this problem to.
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