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My Solution for the Windows 10 M-Audio M-Track Quad crashing issue I've heard going around.

I came across the issue of the compatibilty of the M-Audio M-Track Quad and Windows 10. I had issues with it crashing when I turned the sound quality in Windows to 24bit 441hz. I noticed other people did too.

I came to a resolve which works for me and may work for others...

1st...make sure you have the latest drivers installed. They are Windows 8.1 but seems to work for Windows 10 too. (I hope M-Audio do release a new driver soon as it seems to be cheesing a lot of people off)

2nd...For gaming or Mp3/CD/DVD etc.. playback, I recommend using your internal sound card as you may experience pops, clicks and digital distortion.

I was lucky enough to be able to change my M-Track Quad settings back to 16bit 441hz (CD Quality) and the crashing and blue screen stopped. (My PC blue screened every time a sound came out of the speakers!) I had to switch the M-Track off, open the playback settings in Windows switch it on and quickly change the sound quality back. It still crashed, but after a reset it hasn't done since. I now use my built in computer sound card for games and mp3s etc simply by changing the default audio device in Windows 10. This stops all the pops, clicks and digital distortion.

When I want to play my guitar using the M-Audio M-Track Quad and Guitar rig, along to some backing tracks on Youtube or CD I re-enable the audio device to the M-Track. The quality is still 16bit 441hz but it's fine for jamming along.

When I open my DAW, the playback settings are set for the M-Track Quad at 24bit 441hz. So it works fine with no crashing (yet).

The Audio from my M-Track is now going through active studio monitors and the audio from my internal sound card is through a basic JVC hifi amp and speakers.

I will probably build a PC dedicated to only using my DAW and the Audio interface and use my main PC for gaming etc.

Not the cheapest solution, I know but it worked for me and maybe I was just really lucky.

Hope this helps.
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  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for posting!

    BSOD's do pop up from time to time. Even though the error in the crash may call out the M-track in some way, that does not necessarily mean the M-Track was the cause. Often times it could still be drivers for your computer components that require updating, maybe a card isn't seated very well, maybe it's a weird BIOS setting, etc. etc. This article will go over it better than I can here:

    You may already know all this but I need to make sure that you have exhausted all of your options before we lean towards a bug in the driver. Drivers, especially for popular products are tested heavily before they are released, and if something as simple as changing the bit rate caused the system to crash, that seems like something they would have noticed.

    That being said, there are possibilities for rare bugs that may occur due to the way a system is configured. Especially with Windows and all of it's customization options.

    Try all of this out and let me know if you have any questions!
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    Thanks for getting back so promptly, I appreciate your reply and I'll look into the articles you posted and see if I can resolve the issue. However the solution I am currently using seems to have solved the main problem and works great for me. I don't need to use the m-track for general windows audio, such as games, movies, mp3 files etc. As long as it works for my DAW for recording and mixing I'm happy. I just thought my quick fix solution would help the other users who have experienced the same problem and begun to become frustrated with the m-audio product. Aside from the initial problem, my experience with the product through my DAW has been spot on. I had a few issues with Pro Tools express at first but when I eventually switched to Reaper I didn't experience any issues.

    I doubt it will be badly seated components or out of date drivers for any of my components as the underlying issues are only caused by audio through the m-track quad. It's most likely a Microsoft Windows 10 and M-audio compatibility issue as I didn't experience any problems whilst using Windows 8.1.
    That all being said I will still read the articles suggested and try to find a resolve.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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