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Need help, code 25 doesnt work

I absolutley cannot connect my code 25 to work with windows 7 sp1(x64) and Ableton. Please help. I have looked all the articles, that doesnt help.

It works perfectly on my laptop, same os.
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  • Hey Dena eM,

    Thanks for posting!

    If the Code is working with another computer, you know the hardware is functional so that's a good thing! Your issue is likely relative to the way the software is setup so let's check that out. Since you are using Windows 7, I would make sure that the USB drivers for your computer are all up to date before proceeding. The Code series is class compliant so these controllers use those drivers to connect.

    When your computer's USB drivers are up to date, let's determine whether the computer with which you're having trouble is receiving MIDI data from the Code with a MIDI monitor. A MIDI monitor will show you all the incoming data from any MIDI controllers or MIDI interfaces that you have connected to your computer.

    For testing MIDI devices on PC:
    Download MIDI-OX

    This video will get you set up quickly for MIDI input monitoring in MIDI-OX:
    Monitoring MIDI Input with MIDI-OX

    Select the Code as a MIDI input source in the monitor and send some data with its keys and controllers. If you see data appear in the input monitor window, the controller is sending MIDI data to your computer and will only need to be configured for MIDI input in the software you're using. These knowledge base articles will walk you step by step through the process to configure the Code as a MIDI controller in Ableton:

    M-Audio Code Series - Setup in Ableton Live

    M-Audio Code Series - Setup with the Included Software: Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3, and Loom

    Please refer to your software's documentation for more information regarding additional software setup.

    If the Code is not sending MIDI data to the monitor, let's test the connection between the controller and the computer. Try connecting the controller with a different USB cable, with different USB ports on your computer, and to a different computer to see if you can reproduce the same behavior. Be sure to connect directly to the computer via USB and avoid using any USB hubs or adapters.

    I hope that helps you!
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