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Need help setting up my M-Audio Oxygen 25 with Studio One 3 Artist

My Oxygen 25 arrived today and I was prepared to make some music, but after registering the product and setting up an external device in Studio One, I was only able to use the keyboard. The knobs, buttons, and specifically the pads are non-responsive within the DAW.

I'm using Studio One 3 Artist and I tried MIDI Learn, but nothing was showing up when I triggered pads and knobs. Everything's plugged in and seems to work within the actual controller. They just aren't sending to my DAW.

Can someone help me get the pads and knobs working?
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  • Hi Clay,

    Thanks for posting!

    Studio One is a little funny in that you need to create multiple devices depending on what you need to do. There is no Directlink for Studio One, but you can still manually map the parameters if you set the device up correctly.

    This video is really easy to follow and works for pretty much any USB/MIDI keyboard:


    Make sure that you keep the AUTO button turned off. The knobs won't communicate properly with Studio One if Directlink is turned on.

    As far as the pads go, these will send over MIDI channel 10. I'm not too familiar with Studio One, but you may need to decide which channel the instrument is receiving on before you see response from the pads. At least make sure that all MIDI channels are activated when setting up your "New Keyboard" in Studio One.

    I hope this helps!
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