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Need pro tools 7 M-powered for mac G5 with motorola chip's(not intel)OS 10.5.8 to work with M-audio project mix i/o

I just bought a M-audio projectmix i/o,and I got a mac G5 with OS 10.5.8 and would like to use pro tools cuz thats what i know how run on my old G4 with os 10.3.9 and DIGI 001 with pro tools 6.4 im going use the G5 with os 10.5.8(also the G5 is NOT intel)all my pro tools software is on my old G4 with DIGI 001,how do i get pro tools 7 m-powerd software on my G5 os 10.5.8 so i can use my project mix i/o ?
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