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New M-Track Plus Mk2 software versions and general quality - need feedback asap

I want to buy the new M-Track Plus Mk2, but can find no user reviews anywhere, even though it's been out for months. I need to use a special rebate coupon very soon, so would like an answer asap.

1) Comes with limited versions of both Ableton Live and Cubase, but I can't find out which versions. Anyone know?

2) My other option -- that breaks my budget -- is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (or 2i4 for the midi which the new M-track has dropped). I read a lot about how good the Focusrite preamps are, but not much on the M-Track, and nothing on the new 96KHz version. Does anyone know how they compare. I'm specifically wanting low noise and low distortion.

3) People have commented in the past that the M-Audios can have issues with providing sufficient 48v phantom power. Is this still true? (Comments were quite old.)

I realize one gets what one pays for, but I'm not in a world where $150 is a trivial amount. Any help greatly appreciated.
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