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New Pro Model Midi Controller

I'm looking to replace my Axiom Air and I heard there's a new pro model midi controller coming out. I'm hoping this new model will set the new industry standard. I'm a very loyal M-Audio customer. I'm hoping the new model will build off of the Axiom Pro.

Here's a wish list from a customers perspective.

White color (black Akai's still look like they're from the early 90's)
Rounded shape rather than basic square
Vip software
High end drum pads
Firm sliders
High quality knobs.
Backlighting for use in dark environments
Shock proof design for traveling to gigs
Thunderbolt data transfer (10 gb/s) from controller to computer
Top of the line keyboard
Super stable software with zero lag.

I would be willing to spend more for a midi controller that's built to last and can become the industry standard.

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