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NEWBIE Question: M-Audio CODE 61 KEYS ¿Semi-weighted/Yes or No?

Hi guys! So I'm new to the whole MIDI Controller overall, and M-Audio caught my attention right away. I've had the Oxygen MK IV 61 MIDI Controller for a while now, and something that I was missing, since I play piano, is that weighted feel of the keys that a piano would normally have. Now, I've heard that the CODE series, particularly the CODE 61 model has a good list of faders, knobs and 16 pads, an XY pad as well, which are all great, but what I was getting into, and here's my question, is regarding the keys. They say online on the main product page of the CODE 61 that it is velocity sensitive and pressure sensitive (as well as having aftertouch) Is it Semi-Weighted as well? Cause I've seen reviews online, both written and video format, and some say it isn't semi-weighted (although it has a decent feel, better than the synth-style light keys), however the M-Audio youtube channel CODE series instruction video states that they ARE semi-weighted.

And as a final question, is it a definite upgrade from the Oxygen MK IV 61 in every sense? Not just keys, but also functions, compatability with DAW and such?

What is it officially? Thank you very much!!
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  • Hi Javier,

    Thanks for posting!

    Yes, the Code has semi-weighted keys which should feel slightly more piano like than the keys on the Oxygen.

    Though keep in mind, the keys won't feel quite as heavy/weighted as an actual piano, but they should still be very comfortable. I think the feel on the Code keys is second only to the CTRL49 IMHO.

    For an actual piano style response you'll need a keyboard with a fully-weighted keybed, which are usually relegated to 88-key models. M-Audio doesn't currently offer any fully-weighted key options.

    Let me know if you have more questions!
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